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Proverbs 28 – Diligence and Laziness.

Justice is certainly a part of God's character. God wants us to have a concern for others, always treating others justly. As we continue reading in the Book of Proverbs, we see that diligence is an important … Read More

proverbs 27

Proverbs 27 – Do Not Boast about Tomorrow.

A friend's advice is way more valuable than the words of an enemy who just tells you what you want to hear. Two friends, when bringing their ideas together, can learn from one another and gain more knowledge. … Read More

proverbs 26

Proverbs 26 – The Four Tongues.

Our words are very powerful, and the Book of Proverbs gives special attention to how our words are used. Proverbs speaks about the four tongues - the controlled, the caring, the conniving, and the careless … Read More